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Generations Type

These are Western Cultural Generations. Japan and Asia and portions of Europe will have their own generational definitions based on major cultural, political, and economic influences. Which Generation are You? Generation Name BirthsStart BirthsEnd YoungestAge Today* Oldest AgeToday* The Lost […]

Background Verification

While searching for a job, you often get tied up in the mundane task of submitting resumes, acing networking events and perfecting your interview skills. But one thing that generally slips your mind is another hurdle that you might have […]

Soft Skill Vs Hard Skill

Many job candidates make mistakes when it comes to defining hard and soft skills for their resumes. Some of the more common missteps include leaving out soft skills altogether, defining skills in terms that don’t carry much meaning to the employer and […]

How do recruitment agencies work?

Employers hire recruitment agencies to find job candidates. Agency recruiters do this by researching the open roles, identifying qualified people, screening the candidates, and providing support to the employer during selection of the new hire. Recruitment agencies are commonly confused […]

7 Most Important Soft Skills

Seven Skills To Teach In Your Soft Skills Training For Employees In many ways, soft skills are actually the hardest skills to develop (see what we did there?). Successful soft skills training for employees requires dedication from both employees and […]

Top 10 Employ-ability Skill

Problem-Solving Top-notch employees don’t panic or run to the supervisor with all their problems. Within the scope of their authority, they analyze data, weigh alternatives and fix problems. Critical thinking is shown in the way they astutely interpret information and […]

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