Organizations usually have a visible problem (that looks like a problem, can be or cannot be the real problem) and underlying problem that can only be uncovered after investigation. The fact findings through both quantitative and qualitative method are required to uncover the actual problems. We are powered by group of researchers cum management practitioners, who believe in fact finding and devising organization specific solutions.

All human resource activities strive to make the organization a better place to work and to make it better at achieving its stated ends. However, there is a specialty within human resources called organizational development that seeks to improve group dynamics, organizational structure, and organizational culture.

i) Organization structuring and restructuring           ii) Strategic planning of business
iii) HR Planning                                                               iv) Job Analysis & Job Description Crafting
v) Performance Evaluation System Development    vi) Compensation and benefit packages
vii) Development of HR Manual and SOPs                viii) HR Audit
ix) HR Department Setup                                              x) Labour Act Compliance